Thursday, October 1, 2009

Cereal and frozen pizzas

If we have to eat cereal and frozen pizza for dinner every night because Stella wants me to hold her and snuggle her - so be it! I'm tired of trying to "teach" her that she can play on her own while I fix dinner after school. I told Jim that I'm just going to enjoy it and not worry about what I'm not getting done. He said, "yes, because someday you'd kill for this." He's right - it brings me to tears thinking that there will come a day when I can't hold her! So for now, dinners are going to be pretty pitiful and I'm ok with that. (She does get progressively better throughout the week. Mondays are ROUGH, Tuesdays better, and yesterday she was pretty happy running around for a while.)

How can I resist this face?

My little Hot Tamale!

and my OCD buddy! It will be great when her organizational skills mature and it's helpful!