Friday, July 23, 2010

Busy but good

Wow - almost 3 months without a post. Sorry, Melissa - I think you're probably the only one who may still read this thing.

We're slowly getting moved into the "new" house. It's so different from last time. Our last house was brand new and we got to pick flooring, counters, etc. This house was built in 1980. The guy who we bought it from (who I happened to go to HS with and is C.R.A.Z.Y), did a LOT of work on this place. The neighbors said he quit work to go back to school, but then didn't go to school and just pretty much worked on it. Some of the work he did is AMAZING and is part of what sold us on the house. He put in wood floors upstairs, new windows, a new roof, new doors, and did a fantastic job putting in trim throughout. However, he (or they possibly) had awful taste in some things. The bathroom vanities are very nice quality, but not even a little bit our style. They're very frilly. His paint choices were pretty shockingly bad too. I'd try to tell you, but can't convey it. When I tell people they are still surprised at how bad it is when they get here. So, the painter is coming next week I hope, I'm going to do what I can with the kitchen until we can save enough to redo it, the floors, ceilings, and built ins around the brick.

We're SO happy here though already. We're not in a mass development, we have a much bigger back yard, and the commute is 1/3 what it was last year. It's 7 glorious minutes to get Stella to the babysitters! Living in the apartment was much tougher on her than I'd expected, so that's another reason we're thrilled to finally be in.

Hopefully I'll get some pictures posted soon (Melissa - there's a moving announcement headed your way).

Other than the house, things are great. And I mean REALLY REALLY great! :)