Thursday, January 14, 2010


I don't have much time because I know Stink is going to wake up any second, but I wanted to do a little update.

A wonderful friend found a home for my Murph! Her sister fostered him for almost a week and a half (what a blessing!) until I could take him to his new home on Saturday. Mom and Bev drove me to Ellensburg to take him to meet his new family. I'm so grateful that they were there - if I'd been alone I know that I'd have sobbed most of the way. (Plus, we got to check out the Snoqualmie Casino on the way home. What a treat!)

His new family is WONDERFUL! They are a retired couple who have a farm on almost 4 acres. I was worried about several things: they have 2 cats (he does NOT like small furry animals), their yard isn't fenced and he's never been able to run free, and there are a lot of other dogs around (ok, he doesn't really like ANY furry animals). Well, Murph did get a little snarly with a dog while we were there, but the man was SO patient. He didn't freak out (like I did), he just said they'd have to work it out and it would be ok. The cats live outside so I don't think that will be an issue. And... the woman called the next morning to say that Murphy is doing great and they love him. He comes back home when he's let outside, he's been palling (is that a real word?) around with all of the guys, and he even got to sleep on the bed the first night. He loves to be outside so I know he's going to love it there!

I miss him desperately, but I can handle that as long as I know that he is safe, happy and loved!

Stella is doing great and doesn't seem any worse for wear after all of this. It's almost completely healed and although she may have a small scar under her eye I don't think it will be anything that's noticeable.

Maybe someday soon I'll actually be able to post about normal things again...