Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Overall, a pretty good weekend

The weekend started out great. I pulled down all of the dead grapevines off of the pergola and we had a little ceremonial burn. Somehow it made me feel better to get a fire out of Grandpa's grapes rather than just putting them in the recycling bin. When we move we'll definitely try to get more from my uncle. The upside is that we now have a blank slate to work with (the green lights are GOING!)
Jim BBQ'd pork ribs and Stella loved them. He couldn't have been happier. She tends to take after her moms tastes (which include mac and cheese, chips, etc and no meat!)

We were supposed to go to the annual Memorial Day picnic, but when I got Stella up Sunday morning her right eye was swollen and goopy. I've never seen pink eye, but I was pretty sure she had it. After two hours at the clinic it was confirmed. Unfortunately this ruined our picnic plans so we just hung out at home and enjoyed the sun. She had a little fever so she was pretty quiet and cuddly all weekend. Here she's enjoying a pediapop with Dad.Since my dad didn't get to see her, he came up yesterday. She insisted that he read her "There's a Monster at the End of This Book" OVER AND OVER. I love that look on her face!

I finished a bag for next Saturday night's outing to Grease. It's FAR from perfect but I think it will be useable. I have such issues with things puckering when I try to sew them all together. :(
She's rocking and singing!
I was trying to get her belly laugh but I was too late.
I also made cookies and tried out my new cookie scoop. Look at all of those perfect little drops. I LOVE that thing!!! If you don't have one, get one.... now!

Hope your weekend was sunny, warm, and relaxing.
PS. Only 15 more "get-ups"!!!!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Warm weather joys and woes

One of my favorite things about the warm weather is seeing Stella's little bare skin. Since she was a winter baby I've always felt that I got jipped a little in that department. The only time I really got to see her little body was during bathtime or when I changed her. One day I even let her nap on my chest and covered her with a blanket just so I could rest my hand on her little bare back. I hope that if I am ever blessed enough to be able to do this again we have a spring or summer baby. That child will have bare arms and legs ALL of the time!!!
I am NOT enjoying seeing all of the skin on other people's "babies" right now though. Teachers dread this warm weather and all of the beach attire that teenage girls think they should wear to school. I really feel badly for the boys - how are they supposed to pay attention to school with all of these scantily dressed females??? As much as I love it I almost wish it would be cold and rainy... until June 16th, then bring on the sun!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend in review

Official "get-up" update:: TWENTY - tomorrow we'll be in the teens!!!!

Jim's mom and Clair came to visit Friday afternoon. They brought Stella Pirate's Booty (which you can see in her smile). Above Billie Jean's left shoulder you can see where Stella put her baby in "time out".
I plopped on the floor (these last few weeks of school have been exhausting) and Stella backed right up and just sat on my lap. She's been doing that quite a bit lately and I LOVE it! Again... a mouth full of Pirate's Booty.
Saying, "NO" when her cousin tried to show her the correct way to play the instrument.
She LOVED the swing on the deck at my aunt and uncle's house. Nona would push her and she'd squeal, "WEEEE". It was past her bedtime and she seriously considered napping right there.
With a view like this I could stay on their deck for weeks.
We were there to celebrate her new cousin's baptism. My aunt and uncle just brought Emily home from China a little over a week ago. She was interested in Stella, but wasn't a fan of Stella trying to touch her... this is her removing Stella's hand.
And here is my girl still trying to touch/comfort/bond with her.
Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day. She helped dad rake.
Made me chase her down the neighbors driveway countless times. It's tough to get a good picture while bent over chasing your 1 1/2 year old and praying that she doesn't fall and scrape up those darling knees. Check out that mischevious little face.
Here she's pulling "weeds" just like Mama. (fistfulls of grass were being removed)
Loving her little shovel, wearing the sunhat that Dad got out for her. (It's last years and made her look like Gilligan.)
Jen and Jim were throwing the football and Stella wanted to play. She'd take the ball and run to Jim. I put the camera on continous and shot away - I could make one of those little flip books we used to draw as kids!

Monday, May 11, 2009

A wonderful weekend

I got the PERFECT Mother's Day gift - a weekend at the ocean with my two favorite people! What a special treat! ♥

I thought Stella would LOVE the sand. She liked it ok as long as her feet didn't touch it. Look at those little toes curling to stay out of it!

She was happy to play as long as she was safely on the blanket. It was a gorgeous day but the wind was blowing so it was a little chilly.

Looking for birds/kites (anything that flies is a bird right now).

Hanging out with Dadda.

Nona and Grandma Bev introduced her to Cheetos. I think they created a monster! She thinks she's such a big girl holding the bag herself.

Going for a walk.

Candace Logan (our CP newborn) took several face-first tumbles into the sand.

I'm so bummed that I didn't get pictures of her in the pool! Here she is in her darling suit but all she wanted was to put on Dad's swim trunks.

At 8:00 I watched the sunset alone...

because this is what they were doing! I could have watched them all night!

She's finally getting big enough to just hang out! We sat in bed watching cartoons, eating dry Life cereal, and knitting. My kind of morning!

Pointing something out to us Sunday morning.

One last walk with Dad.
She was POOPED! She was great all weekend, but it took a lot out of her!

Jim - thank you so much for an AMAZING weekend! I NEVER need "more" when I have the two of you!

Friday, May 8, 2009

It makes my day!

Sometimes Sheri sends pictures of Stella to me at school. (She is the BEST!) This is what I got today. Ah, my heart! ♥

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Mom - You are the most compassionate and generous person I know. I am so grateful to you every day and am blessed and proud to be your daughter.

Happy Mother's Day!

I am the Queen of countdowns!

I think I get it from my Dad...

19:: more days of wearing "school clothes" (somehow it's SO much easier to get ready when we get to wear jeans!)

25:: more lunches to "pack" - I'm tired to death of soup so I'm sure a lot of those will be "emergency" microwave popcorn

20:: more days with seniors

5:: more Mondays

3:: more FULL weeks

28:: "Get-ups" - the only one that REALLY matters. The number of mornings I have to crawl my tired self out of bed and into the shower!

I love my job most days and I don't think that there is a career out there that works out better for moms. I basically get 1/2 of the year off. Of course, having a husband in education is absolutely the best! Still, I get as excited (if not more) as the kids for summer vacation. I CANNOT wait to sleep in and have leisurely mornings with the little family!

I'm this excited:

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Editing update...

I found a couple of things on Picnik that I like for photo editing. (I still want a new Photoshop and actions for it, but I think there may be some progress on that front!) I'm really just posting this to compare the before and after pictures and see if there really is a difference or if it's in my head.

My grandparents came over this weekend for a baptism and Stella let my grandma hold her. (Grandma has been wanting to SO badly!)

Stella and Mackenzie got to play in the playhouse (before and after photos)

Stella playing in the playhouse.

We had a nice dinner at Harbor Lights. It was way past Stella's bedtime, but she made it through like a champion. She spent most of dinner on Grandpa's lap, and only needed one trip outside with Mama to look for birds.

I think that the cross processing is my favorite effect although I also like Boost and Orton-ish.