Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I am the Queen of countdowns!

I think I get it from my Dad...

19:: more days of wearing "school clothes" (somehow it's SO much easier to get ready when we get to wear jeans!)

25:: more lunches to "pack" - I'm tired to death of soup so I'm sure a lot of those will be "emergency" microwave popcorn

20:: more days with seniors

5:: more Mondays

3:: more FULL weeks

28:: "Get-ups" - the only one that REALLY matters. The number of mornings I have to crawl my tired self out of bed and into the shower!

I love my job most days and I don't think that there is a career out there that works out better for moms. I basically get 1/2 of the year off. Of course, having a husband in education is absolutely the best! Still, I get as excited (if not more) as the kids for summer vacation. I CANNOT wait to sleep in and have leisurely mornings with the little family!

I'm this excited:


Felicia said...

Sounds like you're going to have a fabulous summer :)

Katie said...

Oh my gosh I miss counting "get-ups!!!"

Rae*Danae Designs said...

I so know what you mean!! I am so ready for some sleep late mornings!