Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Overall, a pretty good weekend

The weekend started out great. I pulled down all of the dead grapevines off of the pergola and we had a little ceremonial burn. Somehow it made me feel better to get a fire out of Grandpa's grapes rather than just putting them in the recycling bin. When we move we'll definitely try to get more from my uncle. The upside is that we now have a blank slate to work with (the green lights are GOING!)
Jim BBQ'd pork ribs and Stella loved them. He couldn't have been happier. She tends to take after her moms tastes (which include mac and cheese, chips, etc and no meat!)

We were supposed to go to the annual Memorial Day picnic, but when I got Stella up Sunday morning her right eye was swollen and goopy. I've never seen pink eye, but I was pretty sure she had it. After two hours at the clinic it was confirmed. Unfortunately this ruined our picnic plans so we just hung out at home and enjoyed the sun. She had a little fever so she was pretty quiet and cuddly all weekend. Here she's enjoying a pediapop with Dad.Since my dad didn't get to see her, he came up yesterday. She insisted that he read her "There's a Monster at the End of This Book" OVER AND OVER. I love that look on her face!

I finished a bag for next Saturday night's outing to Grease. It's FAR from perfect but I think it will be useable. I have such issues with things puckering when I try to sew them all together. :(
She's rocking and singing!
I was trying to get her belly laugh but I was too late.
I also made cookies and tried out my new cookie scoop. Look at all of those perfect little drops. I LOVE that thing!!! If you don't have one, get one.... now!

Hope your weekend was sunny, warm, and relaxing.
PS. Only 15 more "get-ups"!!!!!!


Liz said...

Looks like such fun times! Love your patio!

Federica said...

Your blog is so pretty!

Hugs from Italy,