Friday, May 22, 2009

Warm weather joys and woes

One of my favorite things about the warm weather is seeing Stella's little bare skin. Since she was a winter baby I've always felt that I got jipped a little in that department. The only time I really got to see her little body was during bathtime or when I changed her. One day I even let her nap on my chest and covered her with a blanket just so I could rest my hand on her little bare back. I hope that if I am ever blessed enough to be able to do this again we have a spring or summer baby. That child will have bare arms and legs ALL of the time!!!
I am NOT enjoying seeing all of the skin on other people's "babies" right now though. Teachers dread this warm weather and all of the beach attire that teenage girls think they should wear to school. I really feel badly for the boys - how are they supposed to pay attention to school with all of these scantily dressed females??? As much as I love it I almost wish it would be cold and rainy... until June 16th, then bring on the sun!

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Cutzi said...

Oh isn't this true! Both parts. I love, especially, to see Adia's little legs.

But man, one time my aunt tried to tell me that her boys were used to seeing it so they weren't tempted. Yah... right.