Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Editing update...

I found a couple of things on Picnik that I like for photo editing. (I still want a new Photoshop and actions for it, but I think there may be some progress on that front!) I'm really just posting this to compare the before and after pictures and see if there really is a difference or if it's in my head.

My grandparents came over this weekend for a baptism and Stella let my grandma hold her. (Grandma has been wanting to SO badly!)

Stella and Mackenzie got to play in the playhouse (before and after photos)

Stella playing in the playhouse.

We had a nice dinner at Harbor Lights. It was way past Stella's bedtime, but she made it through like a champion. She spent most of dinner on Grandpa's lap, and only needed one trip outside with Mama to look for birds.

I think that the cross processing is my favorite effect although I also like Boost and Orton-ish.

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Cutzi said...

The pics look great. I've been gearing up to buy Photoshop... but first we need to get baby Xochi (Soshi) home. ;-)