Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend in review

Official "get-up" update:: TWENTY - tomorrow we'll be in the teens!!!!

Jim's mom and Clair came to visit Friday afternoon. They brought Stella Pirate's Booty (which you can see in her smile). Above Billie Jean's left shoulder you can see where Stella put her baby in "time out".
I plopped on the floor (these last few weeks of school have been exhausting) and Stella backed right up and just sat on my lap. She's been doing that quite a bit lately and I LOVE it! Again... a mouth full of Pirate's Booty.
Saying, "NO" when her cousin tried to show her the correct way to play the instrument.
She LOVED the swing on the deck at my aunt and uncle's house. Nona would push her and she'd squeal, "WEEEE". It was past her bedtime and she seriously considered napping right there.
With a view like this I could stay on their deck for weeks.
We were there to celebrate her new cousin's baptism. My aunt and uncle just brought Emily home from China a little over a week ago. She was interested in Stella, but wasn't a fan of Stella trying to touch her... this is her removing Stella's hand.
And here is my girl still trying to touch/comfort/bond with her.
Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day. She helped dad rake.
Made me chase her down the neighbors driveway countless times. It's tough to get a good picture while bent over chasing your 1 1/2 year old and praying that she doesn't fall and scrape up those darling knees. Check out that mischevious little face.
Here she's pulling "weeds" just like Mama. (fistfulls of grass were being removed)
Loving her little shovel, wearing the sunhat that Dad got out for her. (It's last years and made her look like Gilligan.)
Jen and Jim were throwing the football and Stella wanted to play. She'd take the ball and run to Jim. I put the camera on continous and shot away - I could make one of those little flip books we used to draw as kids!

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Liz said...

Stella is just adorable! And that last picture is just so happy and cute, needs to be on a wall somewhere!