Monday, May 11, 2009

A wonderful weekend

I got the PERFECT Mother's Day gift - a weekend at the ocean with my two favorite people! What a special treat! ♥

I thought Stella would LOVE the sand. She liked it ok as long as her feet didn't touch it. Look at those little toes curling to stay out of it!

She was happy to play as long as she was safely on the blanket. It was a gorgeous day but the wind was blowing so it was a little chilly.

Looking for birds/kites (anything that flies is a bird right now).

Hanging out with Dadda.

Nona and Grandma Bev introduced her to Cheetos. I think they created a monster! She thinks she's such a big girl holding the bag herself.

Going for a walk.

Candace Logan (our CP newborn) took several face-first tumbles into the sand.

I'm so bummed that I didn't get pictures of her in the pool! Here she is in her darling suit but all she wanted was to put on Dad's swim trunks.

At 8:00 I watched the sunset alone...

because this is what they were doing! I could have watched them all night!

She's finally getting big enough to just hang out! We sat in bed watching cartoons, eating dry Life cereal, and knitting. My kind of morning!

Pointing something out to us Sunday morning.

One last walk with Dad.
She was POOPED! She was great all weekend, but it took a lot out of her!

Jim - thank you so much for an AMAZING weekend! I NEVER need "more" when I have the two of you!

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Cutzi said...

What fun! And your photos are looking super cool.

Most of all though - I really liked seeing pictures of YOU! Now I can put a face to a name. ;-)

So glad you had a wonderful weekend!