Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One craft and then pictures

If you aren't madly in love with Stella this may not be the post for you! I'll post her finished nap mat and then the rest is pretty much just pictures of her. I LOVE this thing! It was so easy and Stella obviously loved it, she flipped and flopped all over it laughing and playing for a good 15-20 minutes! I didn't make the button tabs like Jenny had in her tutorial. I was lazy and just sewed ribbon in so it would tie like a sleeping bag. I didn't make a carrying strap either... I LOVE it and can't recommend it highly enough!

Friday night we went to meet my cousin's beautiful new baby boy. He is dark, gorgeous, and looks like such a boy already! Stella was interested in him, but NOT happy when Mom, Nona, or Grandma Bev held him.

As soon as I held him she had to crawl up on my lap.She enjoyed a book with Brooklyn. She sat and listened so intently to the whole thing - it was darling!I love this one! Eating Reeses puffs on the way to Grandma Snider's house. That last one didn't quite make it down before she fell asleep. (She put her hat on herself.)SO excited just to sit in a chair by herself.Her first Easter Egg Hunt. She didn't quite know what we were doing and really just wanted to run around the yard shaking them. She was great at picking them up, but had a little trouble putting them in her bag.Grandma Snider put a ton of change in the eggs! And one of the best ideas ever??? She gave each kid a piggy bank to put their change in - GENIOUS! Stella's been in need of a piggy bank and right now she LOVES putting the money in the slot. Look at that concentration!Pinwheels were in their Easter baskets - her cousin is teaching her how to blow on it to make it spin.One of her new things... if you ask her where something is. SO CUTE!With "Aunt" Jen. Darn her for being SO photogenic! (She is adorable in person too!)Helping to burp another new cousin.Again, not a fan of Mama holding another baby!Pulling Jim's hand off of her chair. She doesn't want you to touch anything lately. (Which makes pushing the grocery cart difficult.)She's starting to let you actually read to her again. She loves books and will bring one over to you and back into your lap. She doesn't usually let me get far before she's turning the pages, but she's learning to listen.


Jenny said...

Hey girl! The nap mat looks so great :) I'm thrilled Stella loves it!

debra said...

I love that nap mat. What a great idea!

Cute pictures, too.

Coastal Nest. said...


all those little and slightly little babies are ADORABLE!!

The little mat is also very worthy of a shout out~ nice job.

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