Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Loving the sun!

It's back to being grey and rainy today (which if I'm going to be honest with you, makes it a whole lot easier for the kids in my classes!), but yesterday we enjoyed another BEAUTIFUL day!

Tasting dirt.

Filling her watering can.

Asking Mama to fill her watering can since the water isn't coming out for her.

Watering the ground NEXT TO the barrel of herbs.

The pear trees are FINALLY blossoming!

Sitting in her chair - smiling at her Dad (who did NOT want to be pictured catching some sun!)

Waving at the little boy who just moved in next door.

I'm almost done with Stella's nap mat and my sweater so hopefully I'll have some things to show soon!


Dana KBS said...

What a cutie! and what a gorgeous day. Did you get the whole "Let's have class outside today PLEEEEEEZE routine from your students? Good thing we're getting ready for AP exams.

kate said...

love the picture of the pear blossom. You should frame that. it's beautiful.

we have alot of eating dirt around here too. yuck.