Saturday, April 11, 2009

Birthday Snoball!

(I've never eaten a Snoball... apparently they do NOT need to be pink (sorry!) and this one did NOT taste like a real one. He did say that it was delicious though. Good thing since I took the time to fill it with custard!)

Happy 34th Birthday My Love! I stole this idea from someone, but I love it!

34 reasons I adore you!

1) You make me feel loved, appreciated, and beautiful everyday.
2) The way you can make me laugh - especially when I'm about to cry.
3) For balancing out my highly emotional and worrisome ways.
4) The ease with which you interact with all people.
5) Your work ethic.
6) You're the most amazing dad I know and Stella and I are so blessed to have you in our lives.
7) For being my rock through 4 years of trying to get pregnant.
8) For being the ONLY person in the world I could have made it through those four years with.
9) For taking such fantastic care of me while I was pregnant.
10) For your attempt to get me a haircut, massage, and pedicure the week before I had Stella, your willingness to sit with me through all three, and you painting my toenails yourself when they fell through.
11) For NEVER painting my toenails again!
12) For always eating what I cook for dinner and that little, "It's good." in the voice that I know means, "please don't make that for dinner again."
13) For hunching your back when you hug me in that way that means you want me to scratch your back.
14) Your ambition.
15) For always wanting to do better and more for us.
16) For putting up with my crafts, Etsy, and endless crafts.
17) For encouraging me to slow down when I take on too many things.
18) For telling me I'm a great wife and mom at the exact moments I feel like I'm neither.
19) For being so patient with me these last two weeks when I've been frazzled and exhausted.
20) For telling me you appreciate me and you know how tough these past two weeks have been.
21) For being a great patient through all of this.
22) For letting me vent (often).
23) For learning that I just need to vent and not for you to "fix it" (we're getting better)
24) For encouraging me to do things I'd never do otherwise. (some good, some not so good! :))
25) For feeding the Stinker better meals than I do.
26) For being the household food Nazi.
27) For not getting upset with me when I tell the story about the world's worst gift for the 100th time.
28) For making up for that one gift ten-fold!
29) For always making me feel that I can be myself - the good, the bad, and the downright UGLY!
30) For teaching me to love watching Sunday football.
31) For always wanting to learn something new.
32) For being someone that I know I can trust explicitly.
33) For telling me (on a regular basis) that if you saw me in a room filled with women you'd pick me every time.
34) For helping me create the most beautiful and amazing little person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

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