Monday, March 23, 2009


I remember I cried for an entire month before I turned 30. The last tears were shed sitting at a stop light on my way to work. That seems like SO long ago!

I turned 33 on Saturday and had a great weekend. We met my Dad, Stepmom, Sister, and Brother-in-law for breakfast at the cutest little place. Stella was the star as usual!
My sister got me the cutest book! I haven't tried any of their designs yet, but I did make a batch of cupcakes and try some of their tricks - I can't wait to play more.
Shoes are always a hit! (and I feel like Jack Purcell's scream spring)

And, from Jim... We're still playing with it, but we love it already! He asked me not to write about the first Christmas in our new house when we decided to only get each other one present and to paint the living room. My one gift was a Home Depot gift card wrapped in a box with a rock and a "contract" to help me paint. As awful as it was and sounds, I could see that he knew how badly I wanted some color on our white walls and he was being thoughtful. He's done MUCH better since!


Coastal Nest. said...


Uhhhh, I have -bout 10 years on you.Happy (belated) Birthday, darling!!

kate said...

Where did you go to breakfast? happy birthday!

Cutzi said...

Happy Belated Birthday Julie! I don't know what has happened - I thought I'd added you to my reader and that maybe you were just busy but I guess not. And sorry I missed this post because it appears that our birthdays are one day apart? Mine is on the 20th... and I turned 33 too. I can totally relate to the crying. I didn't cry this year - but I did find wrinkles. ugh. But praise the Lord for new years, huh?