Monday, March 16, 2009

A better kind of weekend.

I did a much better job of relaxing this weekend and not driving myself into a craft frenzy. We relaxed, had some company, and even got some things accomplished. Best of all, I was ready to face the WASL this morning (If you aren't from WA you just can't fully appreciate that!)
Friday Jim went to a friend's while I got some knitting done. Nothing to really show, but it was very nice.
Saturday my Mom and Bev came over to see Stella. It was such a nice surprise! She was a little cranky, but perked right up when they got there. I made plans with an old friend to spend the day in Seattle. I can't stop thinking about going to a flea market since Liz mentioned the fantastic lamp she got and I thought they'd have some good ones up there. Turns out that one of the larger markets in western WA is pretty close to me. I might have to drag someone to check it out with me.

I got FOUR kitchen drawers cleaned out and condensed to make room for the utensils we used to have on our kitchen counter. (I'm still working on the kitchen). Can you believe that we had four junk drawers in our kitchen?!?!?! That's ridiculous!
Sunday was our day to just relax. She saw me making pancakes and wanted to make her own breakfast. Dad set her up with a table. See how her hand is blurry??? She's stirring! :)

I spent a long time just laying on the floor playing with Stella - what a joy! After her nap she was a little crabby from all of the teething so I thought it might cheer her up to help make brownies. (No, I'm not going to show my Sunday morning self to the world!)
It helped, but she wasn't ready to be done when the brownies were done so she got her own bowl and ingredients and pressed on.

I LOVE this picture! Three things that I always want to remember: how much she loves to "bake", the way she always crosses her feet in her chair, and how she sticks her little tongue out when she concentrates. (Like her great-grandpa!)

Finally, she played with rice while I made our favorite version of General Tso's.

Ok, I don't know why that picture is sideways...

Overall, a VERY satisfying and restful weekend!


kate said...

baking just gets more and more fun with cute!

Lea Ann said...

very cute!

(and I fixed that link you pointed out. thanks.)