Friday, April 17, 2009

The calm after the storm... I'm ready for it!

It's still pretty busy around here. Jim is recovery well from his surgery (I took some LOVELY pictures but he "asked" me not to post them!), but he still can't do a lot around the house. I'm still doing most of the work including taking care of him, Stella, and trying to get a few Etsy orders out. I'm going much more slowly than usual, but that's ok.

When we get home in the afternoon Stella makes a b-line directly for her Easter presents. I am tickled that she loves them so much.

It's supposed to be beautiful, so I'm sure we'll spend a lot of time outside this weekend. (She saw a dog.)

And I'm hoping to find some time to work on a nap mat for Stella. I'm not sure she's old enough or if she'll like it, but it's SO darn cute and I would love one for myself so she's going to get it! Jenny made a darling one and posted a tutorial. I got red minky (I've about had all of the pink I can take for a while), and the same chocolate flowery fabric that I had for my "Hooter Hider"

Finally, just because they're SO DARN CUTE!!! You really should check them out if you have a little girl (or even just know one) Peonies She doesn't have a ton posted currently, but she didn't have the ones I was looking for either and she did them for me in a few days - her customer service is great. Now I just with Stella would leave them in!


Rachel said...

Oh SHE IS SOOO CUTE!! And the peony is perfect on her! Glad you hubby is on the mend! Have a fabulous weekend.


Jenny said...

Hey girl! Thanks for the nap mat shout out :) I love that kid table - super cute!!