Monday, June 1, 2009

Another weekend review

There are only 11 days of school left - maybe soon I'll be able to post more than just weekend updates! My Dad and Stepmom got the 3 kids and their spouses tickets to Grease for Christmas and we went this weekend. I LOVED it (although there was at least one person who was less than impressed). I'm NOT a Taylor Hicks fan, but other than that I thought it was fantastic. I wore a black dress and red heels. I was a little overdressed for our impromtu stroll through Pike Place Market. We had to make a stop into Nordstrom Rack to get me a pair of flip flops for all of the hiking!

I don't have a fancy bag for going out so I thought rather than buy one I'd try to make one. It's FAR from great, but it worked just fine for the evening. It held all of the things I needed (small wallet, key, compact, lipgloss, and my small camera. Funny... I never pulled my camera out to actually use it!

Good thing my sister took a couple. (Nobody told me my hair looked so big.) And darn her for being so dang photogenic!

Yesterday Stella tried to help Dad by watering the trees just the way he does. The hose gets to be a little tough to handle when you're only 17 months old and she soaked herself!

Luckily it was an 80+ degree day. We had so much fun playing in her new pool. I know we'll get a ton of use out of it this summer!

One more playing in the pool with the hose. You can't tell from the picture, but we bought an adapter for our kitchen sink and ran the hose out the window to her pool so we could have warm water. What a DREAM!!!! I'll never have to carry buckets of hot water outside again, and we'll never have to swim in freezing cold water!

Finally - we got her dancing on video! (I LOVE LOVE LOVE the little butt wiggle!!!!) Only about the first half is good, then it's mostly Jim yelling at the dog to get out of the shot.


Dana KBS said...

Such a cutie pie. When my daughter dances that way, she says "I shake my buddha." Supercute.

And--you've been tagged!

Liz said...

Oh my gosh, that video made me laugh! SO adorable.

And your hair looked great... not too big at all. But then again, my sister Rebecca has worn me down on what is and what is not big hair. :)

Cutzi said...

Cute, cute bag Julie!

And I'm sorry to read that Stella has been so sick! I hope she's doing better now.