Monday, June 15, 2009

I will miss this girl!

One of my closest friends came over Saturday night for a fire. Stella was infatuated by her! They ate together (well, Stella dipped veggies in ranch, sucked it off, repeated a few times and then spit it out to Kelli) Kelli played with her while I hung lanterns on the pergola. We gave her a bath, and then Stella let Kelli rock her while we said prayers before bed - that's usually Dad's job.

She's moving to Tuscan in less than a week and I'm going to miss her terribly! Anyone know of fun people who might want to take her in as a friend? I must warn you that she's a little dingy, a little crazy, and a whole lot of fun! She's always good for a laugh, to vent, or a "mini-vaction" to the slot machines. She one of the few people that you meet that when it gets rough will be there for you. We've shared a ton of great times and although I'm beyond happy for her, I selfishly hope she's miserable and moves back!

Jim wasn't convinced that two little idiots like us could get the fire going! Um, YES WE CAN! Although, I'll admit that it took a little longer than it seems to take him.
Kelli getting acosted by Murphy. After Stella went to bed Kelli helped me plant four hanging baskets and 3 planters - what a trooper!
Proof for Jim that we did indeed have the hose "primed and ready" in case the pergola/lawn/house caught on fire!

Finally... she brought over fruits and veggies for dinner. I cut up the kiwi and she asked how I "skinned" them. This video is for her, but maybe you can use it too. Anyone else have any fun tricks for fruit?


Cutzi said...

Wowee Zowee Julie! I seriously have never seen a kiwi "skinned" that way before. How cool is that?!?! I can't wait to try it!

Coastal Nest. said...

Thats a great trick with that kiwi! I love a little green numminess..
Youve god maad fire building skilz girl! lots of chicks cant do that..BE PROUD! (and keep that sprinkler handy, just in case..)
So, where is the best farmers market..inquiring minds!

kate said...

We have a pergola just like yours and I have always wanted to hang lights up at night. I've also wanted to do some hanging baskets. You have inspired me.

Congrats on school being out. Enjoy the summer with your cute 18 month old. That is my favorite age. They are the funniest and sweetest.