Friday, June 12, 2009


A friend emailed me yesterday (I think) to ask how Stella was doing and I realized that I hadn't posted an update. Just before bed Monday night she downed a bowl of yogurt that I mixed some left over baby cereal in for a little extra nutrition. Ever since, she's been eating like a champ and in the BEST mood! She's happy, laughing, and silly. Just an hour or so ago I got a picture from Sheri saying that after she'd done her own daughter's hair for school Stella climbed up on the stool and asked Sheri to do her hair. She never lets me put anything in it so I was pretty excited. I haven't taken any pictures in the last week or so so this one will have to do! Ah, that little pony tail in what Jim lovingly refers to as her "bratty hair". ♥ Man, this girl melts our hearts!

We've been SO busy - two days left of school and neither Jim nor I can wait!

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