Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm terrified!

Stella has had a fever for a few days (high - 102 - 104.6). The motrin was kicking it, but when it wore off she was miserable. Then yesterday the motrin didn't work. We decided to take her into the clinic. That poor girl had a nose swab (negative for flu), a finger prick, blood drawn, and a urine sample. How do you get a urine sample from a 17 month old??? Catheter. I just cried.

Her white blood count is high. The nurse practioner said she's seen higher... I asked if those kids were ok and she just looked at me blanky for a second and then said, "they went straight to the hospital." She also told me to get up throughout the night to check on her and if she got worse to take her to the ER. Talk about scaring me. I'm a worrier by nature so my mind goes to worst case scenerio. I can't even say the L word, and I keep bursting into tears. She goes back in today for a chest xray and to check her white blood count again. If you have an extra minute today to send some prayers her way it would be GREATLY appreciated. I can't stop praying for a strong little body.

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Clumsy Knitter said...

I'm sorry to hear that your little one is so sick right now. I'm sure it's incredibly scary. Hang in there!