Monday, June 8, 2009


After spending 2 hours at the ER with Stella Friday night (where an hour into it she started eating and playing!) We brought her home without seeing anyone. We had at least another 3 hours to wait and it was already past her bedtime. I thought that the best thing for her at the time was a good night's sleep. She is now eating, playing, and has no fever. Finally, I can let out this breath I've been holding for 5 days!

In the midst of all of this we've created some really poor habits. Friday night she cried for an hour when I put her down (after 3 nights of sleeping with her Dad), she wouldn't nap all weekend, she "needs" her blanket, and she wants to be held ALL OF THE TIME! All of these were things that we'd already "fixed" and now have to start over. The only one that's been an issue previously was the wanting to be held. I'm not quite sure how to handle that. I can't make dinner at night because she doesn't want to be put down. It makes for some exhausting evenings (not to mention a sore back/neck/and arms). There's part of me that says just to relax and enjoy it because there's going to come a time in the not too distant future that she won't want me to hold her and I'll desperately miss it!

I've been busily working on projects, I have a lot going on right now. Luckily, on 6 MORE GET-UPS!!!! Thank goodness.

Thank you all for the sweet comments and positive thoughts for our girl - it's much appreciated!


Coastal Nest. said...

Dont you hate it when they are so sick, especially when they are babies..HATE IT! sounds as though shes on the road to recovery..thank goodness.
you know, as if you want my two cents..I have a 12 year old 5 and 4 year olds..12 is brooding and will hardly talk except for sarcastic or complain, he use to be the best little lover..Im hoping its just the end of 6th grade (pray for me) the 4 and 5 are still good at kisses and loves..when they arent too busy..time goes by quickly,honey, horrible to say..Hold her rock her let her have her blanky or whatever..time flies!so fast..
Oh, and your hair looked awesome..not too big! was grease a blast or what?!--and your purse! what a little not so much. I can wing it tho..maybe a pillow or a napkin..haha!
from the beach:)

Clumsy Knitter said...

I'm glad to hear that Stella is doing so much better. As for being held all the time...I think most of us would milk that for all it's worth if we had the chance! ;-)

Jodi said...

So glad to hear a good report!!!