Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day '09

I had a post for Father's Day in my head with pictures for my 4 favorite father's/grandfather's but we got a new computer and there aren't any pictures on it! So, here's a post about our Father's Day.

My sister came over in the morning to help with dessert, then we went to a AAA baseball game. We were lucky that the thunder/lightning/rainstorm hit during the game and not on our looong walk in or out! The game was a blowout, but Stella did great. She needed about 15 minutes in the 5th inning to go downstairs and run around, but the rest of the time she sat with us. Here she is with Aunt Katie.

Here she's with Grandpa and the Rhubarb doll that they got her. (She loves the doll and loved the mascot from afar, but when we got close he wasn't a hit.) She fell asleep a few minutes after this was taken.
Here's our dessert! We got the idea from Bakerella. She made the templates for all of the paper products and I think they turned out so cute. I thought we needed dessert (hence the cupcake and frosting "ice cream cones" that look like little piles of poo!), and when I was at the $ store with a friend we just happened to find these mini coke glasses. They were perfect for rootbeer floats! Now, what the heck am I going to do with 8 mini coke glasses??? They will probably find their way to a garage sale or the goodwill...
Jim tries them...
My sister tries them while her hubby watches and laughs. (Grandpa was stuck in the background reading FOREVER!)
Stella tries it (apparently I subconsciously believe that if I open my mouth wider her little mouth will somehow be able to open wider... I sacrificed putting a terrible picture of me because it was the only one of her trying to get her mouth around it.)
I just love this picture. They don't ADORE each other at all!!!

Hope you all had a fantastic and relaxing Father's Day!


Jen said...

I think the opening the mouth wider thing is like putting on just can't not do it. Looks like you had a great day!

Jules said...

I saw the burgers on Bakerella. Were they easy to make, they are adorable.