Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

I was never a big fan of Easter  (setting aside the religious aspects anyway).  I don't love pastels, the weather usually stinks here, I don't like the little girls frilly dresses, and I can't STAND the hats, gloves and little purses girls have.  I couldn't love it any more now though.
Rewind...  We'd been trying to get pregnant for 4 excruciating years.  It seemed that everyone around us was getting pregnant the instant they thought about it.  It was our 8th or 9th (and last) IUI and it just happened to fall on a cold dreary Easter Sunday.  I had pretty much given up hope of it working and was trying to figure out how we could pay for IVF with no help from insurance.  We made the familiar trek to Seattle that morning and were supposed to go to Jim's moms later that day.  I couldn't go.  Jim went alone and I laid on the couch in the dark in sweats crying and feeling sorry for us.  Pitiful huh?

Little did I know that day that one of the biggest miracles of my life was occuring (ok, well it would occur over the next week or so).  It worked and we got our first beautiful miracle girl.  I'll never be cranky or negative about Easter again!  I still don't like the hats and gloves, but now I just smile and feel grateful that I have two little ones I could dress up that way if I ever chose to.  I am so very blessed, and it all began on Easter.

                                                          Stella - Easter 2008 (3 months old looking an AWFUL lot like Lucy does at 4 weeks!)
Happy Easter!

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Elisabeth and Sherman said...

Happy Easter! What an amazing blessing - your family is beautiful!