Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!

I've never really been a huge nail girl.  I paint them at times, but nothing serious.  However, I recently stumbled upon this blog and I must admit that it's given me a bit of the bug!  She does some of the cutest manicures and I saw many posts with cute little designs on her nails.  I just assumed that she was using some fancy (expensive) machine to do it.  When I finally looked it up on Amazon, the tools cost....  $3.80.  Can you believe that?  Now, you do need to purchase the designs, but still it's pretty resonable.  I still don't think I'll become a serious manicuring girl, but I must admit that this was awfully fun for a holiday (and yes, I still need practice, they're not perfect).  The main reason I got it was for the girls.  Can you imagine the years of fun they'll have with these?  I can see a lot of girly nail slumber parties in our future.

Being a holiday weekend means that of course it's project time for us.  Perhaps someday we'll get to relax on our vacations?

Happy 4th!

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Jenny Garland said...

These are AWESOME!!! My oldest girls will love this :)