Thursday, August 19, 2010

What really matters

So, not much has changed except that as Luger grows so is his energy level. Jim laughs on the phone because I spend most of the conversation yelling, "Luger NO, stop biting, OW, drop it, LUGERRRRRR!!!!!" Murphy and I had special relationship. He ADORED me, and the feeling was mutual. I really think now that it might be a one time kind of deal. It's definitely not that way for me right now with Luger. I do see huge amounts of potential in him though and I'm hoping that he'll get more snuggly when he outgrows the constant chewing.

Anyway, as I was going to write in this post, what is really important is that he and Stella are crazy about each other. We've been careful to make sure she's the dominant one and I think it's working. He does freak her out sometimes when he won't stop biting her (he's almost as big as her already). But she can take his food, lay on him, and when he bites her she grabs the skin on his cheek to pull him away. She can pet him, chase him, brush him - things she never could have done with the other dogs. So, if I have to choose between me having a bond with a dog or her, I'll choose her in a heartbeat. That is, after all, why we him.
She is so sweet, she hates if he cries, gets in his crate with him, feeds him, and sweet talks him. We really are blessed. (I'll have to remind myself of that next time I'm home alone with them both, I'm in the shower, she's crying, and he's peeing on my bath mat!)
He loves to sleep on the mantels and she gave him a pillow, her blankie, and her babies. Awwww

Maybe before summer is over I'll get around to posting about a few of the other things we've been up to!

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Anonymous said...

LOL! She is clearly in charge. I love the one with him under the pink blanket with her other "babies"....You can use it to embarrass him later!