Wednesday, November 24, 2010

23 weeks and something non-baby (FINALLY!)

23 weeks and getting BIG!
So, here's one of the crafts we've been working on. Our little coniferous advent calendar. It was so easy and actually turned out cuter than I'd expected. I'd still like to get some "snow" and lights to put around the trees, but I kind of like it. There are a few drawbacks though... With the "calendar" itself - the tape I used to form the cones isn't strong enough to hold them, they're popping open. Second, I can't imagine how I could possibly pack these up and have them come out next winter. That means next year I'll be doing something differently. I think I'll do a felt stocking garland advent calendar. I'd like it to be something that will hold up through our girls growing up so they remember pulling it out each year.

I need to get to work on what we're going to use for the treats though. I don't want to use all candy, but anything more is going to get awfully expensive. The 1st is one week away and I only have a few things so I need to get moving!

Finally, here's the little Stinker's 23 week belly! :) We can't get enough of this little character!

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CarleeLovesMINI said...

I love seeing Stella posing with you in the pictures...she is a doll! You both have such pretty 23 week bellies! :)