Thursday, May 19, 2011

Operation "Goodbye Baby Belly"

(and greys and love handles)

Yesterday while I was feeding Lucy Stella poked at my belly and started laughing.  I asked what was so funny and she said, "your belly hangs over your belt like this" and demonstrated with her own skin.  Ouch!

I'm over it - I've never been on a "real" diet (of course I've had times I've eaten better or less and exercised more, but nothing organized), so this morning I download a calorie counter on my phone and it will help me track how many calories I'm eating and how much exercise.  I've ordered some videos from the library because lets face it, there's no way I have time to go anywhere to workout.  I've even measured my food this morning.  I don't know how long that will last, but it is interesting to see how all of the little things add up.  It says that I should lose 7.5 pounds by June 23rd (our anniversary).  That's not exactly enough to get me excited, but we'll see if I can do a bit better.

I really don't have a goal weight, I just want to be able to confidently wear my clothes.  As of now, when warm weather hits the only thing I'll be able to wear is athletic shorts with baggy Fife t-shirts.  That's NO FUN!  I've been able to hide under hoodies thus far but with the mercury reading in the 70's that's not going to last long (at least we can hope).

So, I'm going to stop whining to Jim, stop feeling sorry for myself, dye my hair, get a haircut, and work my butt off to feel better about myself.  After all, we have so very much to be greatful for I have no reason to feel sorry for myself, it's pitiful.

Other than that, things are going so very well.  Lucy has slept through the night for the past two nights and I feel so much better getting a bit more sleep.

Last night we took the girls to see Sesame Street Live and had a great time.  No pictures now because we cancelled our internet, had to get it through a different company, and don't have wireless set up yet so the computer is in one room and my hard drive is in another.  I'm too lazy to go get it and load pictures (plus Lucy is waking).

For girls around here, happy SUNNY days, for others, happy Thursday!

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Clumsy Knitter said...

Good for you for making the commitment! I don't have a good reason for gaining weight like you do (you created another human being for cripes sake!). I blame a stressful semester and a foot injury for my lack of exercise. BUT I started going to spin classes twice a week and it's helping my mindset, if not the scale (yet). Just think of it this way: 7.5 pounds may not seem like a lot, but when your anniversary rolls around would you rather have that 7.5 pounds or be rid of them? :)