Sunday, May 22, 2011

A year later...

This time last year, we were in quite a different place.  We'd just had to put Annie to sleep (after the miserable Murphy incident earlier in the year), we'd sold our house but hadn't found a new one so we were preparing to move into an apartment while we continued looking, and we were on our last two IUI attempts.

I told a friend at work, "I didn't expect to end the school year with no dogs, no house, and no baby."  Those are three pretty huge things in my life to be missing!

May 24th I found our house online, we went to see it the next day, and made an offer the following day!

Memorial Day weekend we moved into a tiny apartment.

June 30th we gave IUI one final attempt and were starting to look at adoption options.

July 8th we moved into our new house.

July 15th we found out we were pregnant.

About 2 weeks later we decided to get a dog.

So... in less than 2 months all of that changed!!!  For a person who doesn't like change and thrives on the known and routine that's an awful lot, thankfully they were all wonderful things.

This picture was taken for our moving announcements and taken the day we found out we were pregnant.  It will always be so special to me since it's the first picture of our family of four and in front of the house we'll raise these two girls in.

When I feel stressed or down I can think back to those days and realize once again how very lucky we are and the baby belly should be the least of my worries! I'm greatful for all we've been through together and the memories we've created, but I'm also so glad we're in a more settled place now!

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