Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas pictures

I have a whole list of Christmas pictures I want to take this year.  I've checked the first two off my list.  The first is of Lu's chubby little legs/feet with our 24 days of wrapped books.  I can't get enough of those toes, I wish I could keep them forever.

 The next shot I wanted to get was of Lucy in a wrapped box.  Stella was asleep on the couch, Jim was gone, and the dog was being his normal 'I need to be right in the middle of everything' self.  I was trying out a lens that I'd rented and fighting the dog and lack of light so they left a lot to be desired.  Sadly, the cutest ones weren't focused on her face. 

This is her, "whoa, what the heck am I doing in here?" picture:
Here's, "oooh... it's fun to tear up the paper".  I LOVE the tongue sticking out concentration.  Stella does this too, so does my Grandpa.  Tearing the paper was followed up by tasting the paper.  The photo shoot was continuously interrupted by me get up off of my belly and crawling over to her to get it out of her mouth.
 Finally, we have, "hey, I can get up on my knees and look over the side..." This is the last picture I got, can you see where it's going? 
Yep, baby faceplant (her first but not last of the weekend)

They're not professional quality but I'm ok with that.  The memories are better this way. ;)

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