Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wreath mania!

We're hosting Jim's families Christmas this year so I want to amp up our decorations a bit without spending a lot of money. Stella and I made three new super easy wreaths that I'm pretty happy with overall.
The first is an ornament wreath for the front door.  Seriously, SO easy! We untwisted a wire hanger, threaded on our ornaments, twisted it back together.  I have seen people who have issues with their balls popping off and suggest glueing the tops on before stringing them onto the hanger but I tested ours and they were pretty tight (and I didn't want to spend that much time on it), so I was a rebel and did without the glue!
The second is my yarn wreath which I think is fitting for any knitter!  At first I was trying to be so careful about wrapping the yarn and glueing it every few rows but then when I looked at some on Pinterest I actually liked the ones that were a bit less uniform better so I just started wrapping like crazy and glued it at the end.  I've been making felt flowers for headbands for the girls so I had felt on hand and cut some spirals for flowers, glued a pearl in the middle, and DONE!  The only thing I'm not thrilled about is that I tried making my own wreath form like I'd seen on Pinterest and it's not perfectly round.  If I were to do this one again I'd spring for a premade wreath form.  I did turn it so it looks a bit better now (I put the wonky spot under the yarn hanging it.)
You can see our new PB stockings here...  I've wanted them for years and when I tried to order them they were gone.  On a whim I checked one more time a few weeks ago and they had them!  We spray painted the "JOY" letters too.
The last wreath we made was a boa wreath.  I saw one on Pinterest and immediately fell in love with the fluffy soft white loveliness.  Have you noticed when you take pictures of your house you notice things that you don't notice otherwise?  Here I noticed that the blue tealight holders are spread too far apart...  I've moved them!  (Just a little something that helps me get perspective on things - I do it with my haircuts too!)  I'm not in love with the color of the ribbon, I'd picked a cozy copper color but it didn't go with the colors on the mantel and Jim liked the green better.  Next year I'll probably change it out for something a bit more subtle.  I also have some mercury glass candle holders that I'm going to switch out for the "peace" and "joy" ones because I ADORE mercury glass and they'll probably get some pretty new candles.

Our last Christmas craft so far is our PB inspired NOEL. Note...  Check out our nativity.  I set it up and when Stella got up she "arranged" them for me.  Such a nice little straight row they're all in - yep, she's definitely my girl!
I tried to get a picture to show the finish of the paint but it doesn't show up very well.  I really like it in person, it has a bit of a metallic look to it.
I've been taking pictures of Bob's adventures, I'll try to post those soon.  Today we get to start our Advent Calendar which I'm so excited for and opening a new book a day.  (Stella could tell that they were books and asked me if they were new books or books from our bookshelf.  She's way too smart for us and onto all of my tricks!)


Cutzi said...

I love them all!! Especially the yarn one.

MrsStadnik said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE them all! I want to do that boa wreath! You will have to tell me how. It all looks gorgeous!