Friday, March 23, 2012

A glimpse

Every once in a while something happens and I feel like I'm getting a little glimpse of our future. Tonight, Stella and I are hanging out on the couch, painting nails, and reading. I'm pretty sure that the 3 of us girls will spend a lot of evenings like this. Each kind of doing their own thing but also sharing the couch, the polish, and the popcorn. I sure hope our little Danger Bug will be able to slow down long enough to enjoy these menus with Stella and I, right now she's most definitely more high string like her Dad. (and MUCH more daring than her fellow females)

Time to put down the phone and soak up this time!

Have a great weekend!


Deanna @ TheChangingHouse said...

Aww, she's so precious! And now I think I want some popcorn!

Rachael said...

Ah, reading your post makes me think it would be lovely to have a daughter. I love my parents equally but have a strong friendship with my mother that I'd love to have with my own child. Perhaps I'll have it with my son when he's older but I can't imagine him enjoying all the shopping trips my mum and I used to!Rx