Monday, March 19, 2012

Forced downtime

I've had a blog draft half done since late February but can't seem to finish it up.

I'm finding myself with a lot of time on my hands today at the hospital with a sick baby. We were pretty sure yesterday that Lucy had croup and I planned to keep them home and take her to the dr if she wasn't feeling better. We didn't even make it through the night.

Despite many trips to sit in the cold night air we just couldn't get her breathing comfortable. On several occasions it got a bit scary. At 3:30 Jim took her to the ER so I could stay home with Stella and get a couple hours of sleep. She's been given steroids and four breathing treatments. She'll be fine but the Dr said they'll probably keep her overnight since croup gets worse at night.

I hate seeing her sick and being helpless but I'm soaking up all of the snuggling and feeling do very grateful that we aren't here for something serious. This is more than difficult enough to watch her go through.

So it looks like a day of snuggling and trying to keep her somewhat comfortable. Cross your fingers that we can get a little bit of sleep tonight!

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