Friday, February 17, 2012

The brink

I remember many times in my own life in which I've felt like I was on the brink.  The first I clearly remember is feeling too old for the clothes in the "girls" department, but knowing there was NO WAY my mom was going for the stuff in the teen departments.  It happened to me again when I realized I was too old for the teen clothes but couldn't bring myself to shop in the women's department at places like Macy's.

With Stella, I feel like I missed some of the brinks.  Her developmental stages kind of flew up and smacked me in the face.  "Oh my gosh, when did she become a REAL KID?" The feeling was frequently accompanied by tears.

Well, here we are with Lu on the brink of toddlerhood and I'm all too aware it's happening.  We felt her first little tooth on Friday (10th) at 10 1/2 months.  She was late just like her big sister.  I dread first teeth, one of my favorite things is a little gummy smile!  She's cruising so much, communicating more everyday, getting frustrated when we don't understand what she wants.  She definitely knows who she loves and is happy to lunge toward them when she sees them.

One of my favorite things is that she's starting to LOVE to snuggle!  I always miss the snuggling when they get to the stage where they think they're "too big" to lay their head down on you like a baby.  You know that stage?  They think they're pretty big stuff and it's one way they can show some independence.  Then all of the sudden the day comes when they're big enough to WANT to snuggle again and understand that it's a form of affection and comfort.  She is so funny, she'll love on people any chance she gets.  If she's in trouble, she lays her head on your shoulder, if she's tired and you're sitting, she'll lay her head on your lap.  The other day Sheri was standing in the kitchen and apparently Lucy wanted some attention so she crawled over and snuggled her little face right on Sheri's feet.

As much as I'm saddened to see my baby growing up SO fast, I'm also so very excited for the stages coming up.  I'm so looking forward to the day when she can join in the girl fun with Stella and I.  Movies snuggling on the couch, doing our nails, baking, etc.  Right now we tend to do those things while she sleeps and it kind of feels like we're holding out on her or leaving her out.

This looks EXACTLY like the picture of her 3D ultrasound!  The picture that made me think there was something wrong with my baby or that it must be all of the fluid making her face look so fat.  I remember thinking, "surely, if there's something wrong with her the tech would know and tell me!"  Her cheeks really are that fat.  :)

This is from our attempted Valentine's photo shoot.  I may not have gotten great Valentine's pictures, but I do love this little face.  I just want to squish it and kiss it all over.

Daddy got each of his girls a balloon and a flower for Valentine's day.  He couldn't have done anything better.
She doesn't really know her Great-Grandpa, but she was tired.  He asked she'd let him hold her.  I wasn't sure since she was tired and doesn't know him very well.  She more than let him, she snuggled her face right into his neck and went to sleep.  He was in Grandpa Heaven, but my Dad was just a bit jealous. :)

This is another picture from our attempted photo shoot. Probably not the safest thing to let her put a balloon in her mouth, but it's so her and I wanted a picture before I took it away and the Mean One let me know I'm a horrible person.
On Monday we wanted to make some treats for Valentine's Day.  Lu was having a bit of a rough day with a fever and being a little crabby from the teething.  I gave her a little Motrin and then she used the thing as a teether.  She's not a huge fan of the Ergo, I think it makes her feel claustrophobic, but I LOVE it and it was the only way we were getting those treats made.  She just wanted to be held (and I think she wants to be up with us to see what's going on.)
Happy Friday!  Lady and the Tramp is supposed to be delivered today and it's supposed to get stormy tonight so we're planning a family movie night with a fire!  (I'm kind of hoping that we're on our way to spring and that fire weather is coming to an end.  I love them, but I really need us to have a better spring than the last two.)   Have a great weekend!

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Cutzi said...

I have been loving these mama posts of yours - where we get to see a little more into your heart and get to know you a bit better.

It's so true that those first baby stages go by so fast and somehow pass without us realizing. And then, with subsequent children we're all too aware of how quickly they pass and want to hold onto them just a bit longer. But you're right - each new stage also brings such fun and newness. Getting to know our children and who God made them to be more and more. What a treasure.

Admittedly, I don't love the tiny infant stage...but with each new babe I'm so excited to get to know a new little person.