Monday, February 6, 2012

It doesn't take much

I'm sure that Jim and my students would say that it doesn't take much to annoy me sometimes.  Luckily, I also think that most of the time it doesn't take much to make me really smile.

We took a little trip across the mountains to see my grandparents.  I don't get to see them nearly as much as I'd like and cherish the time my girls and I get to spend with them.  There something so very special about grandparents.  It's crazy that the entire time we were there I only took 1 picture.  It was such a special one though and I'll definitely post it as soon as it's off my camera.

Here are a FEW of the things that have made me happy over the last few days.  (Of COURSE they don't include the big life things...  just little day brighteners).  If I could post a picture of the amazing weather we've been having lately that would definitely make the list as well.

Since when did Starbucks start having Valentine's day cups?  Seriously - good move, I LOVE them!

It's not too often anymore that my little miss falls asleep while someone holds her - I treasure those moments!
Just TWO of the fun new nail polishes I got while away this weekend.  Who'd have thought Yakima would have an Ulta?  I seriously loved it and will be dragging either my sister or a friend to Southcenter as soon as I can to waste a few hours and do some damage with the good ole debit card!
This is how we do prayers at our house.  Sadly, Daddy is missing from this picture, but the rule is "everybody's touching everybody".  It's one big cuddle pile of family love.  Stella always has to be laying on Lucy and Lucy is usually patting Stella's head.

Just a glimpse of the sky a few mornings ago.  What I'd give if we could have this lovely spring weather from here until summer, it's amazing what a bit of sun can do for your spirits.

I hope you all had a great weekend and are finding lots of little things to make your hearts happy!

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Angie said...

"I'm sure that Jim and my students would say that it doesn't take much to annoy me sometimes."

As a former student, i know this to be true. :D

I love your blog. All the pictures of Stella and Lucy make me so happy. :)