Friday, February 3, 2012

She's me

I'm sure I've said it before, but my "baby" 4 year old is so much like her Mama.  (She's like her Daddy in some ways too, but that's not the focus today.)

A week or so ago Stella wanted to decorate for Valentine's Day.  She's very into holidays and is always talking about what's coming up and is disturbed when the St. Patrick's Day stuff is out before Valentine's Day.  She was pretty bummed when I informed her that we don't have Valentine's Day decorations.  I spared her the lengthy discussion about Valentine's Day being forced upon us by Hallmark and various other merchants.  Someday we'll have discussions about wanting to spend your time with someone who does nice things for you just because rather than because the holiday dictates it.  We'll also talk about how red roses and candy are the lamest of all gifts and how much more meaningful it is to get something they put some thought and effort into even if it's the smallest/least expensive of gifts.

While I was out the other day I got her a couple of things to decorate with thinking she'd be so excited.  I didn't quite get the reaction I was hoping for.  She excitedly opened the bag and then said, "Mom.  This is it?!?"  After having another little chat about being lucky and having a grateful heart (which is a talk we seem to be having a lot these days), we moved on.  She put up a few window clings but the rest of the decorations are still sitting where she left them.

I thought it would be fun to make another yarn wreath.  I LOVED my Christmas one and I saw an adorable one on Pinterest.  The wreath is done but we're currently having a bit of a disagreement over the color of the hearts.  I want red AND pink, she wants it all red.

She's me.  When she decides something should be a certain way she digs in those little 4-year old heels and fights for it.  I love that about her, but it's also already the cause of some little battles and I can only imagine the wars that will ensue when those heels get a bit more force behind them.  There will come a time we'll talk about how important it is to know when to keep digging and when to just let go.  I think it's especially important with those we love.

There are times that as a Mom I feel I MUST win.  She needs to know she is not in control and I admit she needs reminders of it from time to time.  I also know that there are things that just do NOT matter and it's important to me to let that sweet little spirit shine and her creativity bloom.

I think we'll finish the wreath up tonight.  I need to cut out a few more red hearts. ;)

 Here's her forced laugh.  Others might not notice it's not quite authentic, but Mama does.
 It's turned real here...

 Purposely trying to ham it up.  A little real, a little act.

We're headed out of town in the morning.  We get to spend the night with my grandparents.  I love seeing them and letting the girls get to know them.  I only wish they lived closer!  I'm taking her finished both of the girls' finished sweaters, hopefully the weather will be nice enough for me to get some pictures of them modeling!

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