Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Snow Day!

Phew - power's been back for a few days now, the house is toasty, and I can finally post some pictures.

Though we had snow on the ground for several days (and still have a bit) there were really only 2 days worth playing in. Thursday was about the greatest snow you could ask for. Light, fluffy, and DEEP! Sadly, we had freezing rain Friday which made it cold and icy to play in. We still tried, but it wasn't the same. It's tough knowing that we don't get out of school until June 20th now, but snow days hold such a special magic that it's so very worth it to me.

Stella was tring to catch snowflakes and caught a big fluffy one in the eye.

Oh, that face!  She was sitting in a patio chair dry and "safe" under cover.  She didn't know what she was in for. 

She immediately tried to crawl when I put her down.  It didn't take long for her to get frustrated and start crying (of course I got pictures of that too)!

While the snow wasn't much good to her she did enjoy tasting it!

I just LOVE the pure delight on that face.  It makes those make-up days SO worth it!

She thought she was pretty funny coming at Mama with snowballs.  Her idea of snowballs was hilarious.  Most of the time she would just scoop up armfuls from the hood of my car and charge me.  By the time she'd take a few steps it was gone.

I'm so very grateful that we live where we do.  There was a man on the news that had flown into town during the storm.  He was 48 years old and from California.  He'd never seen snow.  I can't even imagine being almost 50 years old and never having seen/played in snow!  These memories with our girls are priceless.

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