Friday, January 20, 2012

Pioneer Women

We've been out of power for 25.5 hours now and I'm done. I would have been the WORST pioneer woman! If it were just Jim and I it wouldn't be as bad, but it's rough with the littles. (especially Lucy). It's so cold so we decided to all sleep in the front room by the fireplace. Lu has never slept with us before so we couldn't get her to go to sleep and once she did I was terrified all night that she wasn't going to be able to breathe! I don't now how co-sleeping moms can ever relax with wee ones in their bed!

Finally, all 5 of us (the German shepherd too) were scrunched onto a deflating full-sized air mattress. Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep! When we woke up it was 41 in here! The power came back on and I about cried with joy but it was back off within about ten minutes. Thanks for the tease PSE! (seriously though, I'd bring all of those power guys hot coffee and cookies of only I had some way to make them)

We've been trying to make the best of it... Stella and I played with her new glasses, Nutella makes everything just a bit better and daddy read Harry Potter to Stella by the fire (she's still a bit too young). Now everyone except me is taking a nap.

I'm dying for a nice hot shower, coffee and a good nights sleep so I really hope it comes back on. If we don't get ours back I'm hoping one of my parents do so I can at least send the girls for the night!

Hope you're all warmer than we are! (I am kind of enjoying having a sleeping baby on my chest, that doesn't happen much anymore!)


Elisabeth and Sherman said...

Wow, 41 degrees?! You are all such troopers. I love that you can make even this a fun adventure for your girls. Think of the memories made...

Dana said...

Oh, man! I hope your power is back soon. My inlaws in Olympia have had outages on and off all week. luckily we haven't lost it up here at all, though the snow is still thick on the ground. :-)