Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I like routine.

Today is the first day of the second semester and I never really enjoy this first week. It's not like the beginning of the year when it's "back to school" time and we're all kind of excited. It's half way through. We're tired of the grey and rain (although today it was snow) and getting antsy for spring already. I have to start over with new kids. I do kind of enjoy starting fresh, but I don't enjoy not knowing their names and not having a routine going. Next week will be better.

This weekend was nice though. Pretty relaxing. We went to Mineral for a little family get-together on Jim's side. I made one of my favorite salads.

Jim's family aren't really fans of anything that "exotic" (I know, I know) so I ate as much as I could and we had to toss the rest.

While making the salad I was watching Roger and the snow - what a morning!

Mineral had a lot more snow than we did, so Stella got to sled (probably for the last time this year.) It may not look like it, but she really does love it. She gets so excited when she sees her little pink boots - adorable.
I'm still plugging away on Salina though I got this book in the mail yesterday. I'm hoping to join the blog craze of bread making - YUM!

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Dana KBS said...

Hi there--I found you via ClumsyKnitter and wanted to say hey--I'm a teacher too, and you nailed it about the new semester not feeling that bright-and-shiny. Hope your classes are treating you well. :-) Dana in Bellingham
And PS I love your jewelry!