Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I once slept through the fire alarm

Those LOUD, annoying smoke detectors... the one in my bedroom... yep, slept right through it. I woke up to Jim shaking me and yelling at me to get up and get dressed. I even asked him, "Why?". I sleep that well - usually. The sound of this guy gagging at 3:30 am however, I shot out of bed.

Fortunately, he was on the bathroom floor rather than the carpet. So, awake at 3:45 and my alarm goes off at 4:30. You know the feeling. IF I get back to sleep it will be about 15 minutes before my alarm goes off and I will feel worse than I do now. I'm thinking of all of this as I'm laying in bed and Jim is getting up to go to the gym. "I really should just get up now and actually get some things done while Stella is sleeping" I tell myself. Normally, I'd ignore self and then kick myself when my alarm goes off and I feel miserable and exhausted. Today, I listened.

I got up and made these. Really, made is an exaggeration. I wrapped them. They are great little back-ups for the days when we don't have left-overs to take for lunch and I've had canned soup for the last week. They make a TON! This is 1/2 of a batch. Last time I made them I split the batch into two and made half with steak for Jim. One thing, I'm not allowed to call them "wraps". It drives him nuts. Yesterday he said, "Let's just call them what they are - burritos." Ok...

I even had time to do dishes and check blogs. Wow - I really should get up that early everyday! Of course, after all of that I was late leaving this morning. So typical.

Last night was rough. The smallest member of the family is still having such a hard time adjusting to the work schedule after having a looong holiday break. She naps so well at home, but not so well anyplace else. We got home at 4:30 last night, she went to bed and at 6:00 I woke her up. Apparently that was a mistake. She was fine for about 15 minutes of Pocohantus and then threw a fit for the next 30. So, back to bed at 6:45 where she slept until 6:15 this morning. And in a great mood. Wouldn't we all if we could sleep for almost 15 hours. I miss her at night when she sleeps so much but I guess she needs it.

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ali said...

And I thought I was a heavy sleeper! I don't think even I could sleep through a fire alarm...
The burritos look yummy- I should make up a bunch for my family this week!

Happy knitting-