Sunday, February 20, 2011

Always busy!

I ALWAYS have projects on my mind. They might be for the house, the girl, or myself, but there is always a mental list. I say I'm tired, and then in the next breathe list all of the things I want to get done. Jim is typically less than thrilled because it often means that he's going to have to help me. He kind of tries to resist and lets me know he doesn't really want to, but I'm so fortunate that he's a great sport and always helps. Yesterday, we drove to Lowes and bought materials to make a headboard. We haven't had one in years, and with everything else going on right now it's probably terrible timing, but we did it.

So now, we have a 3 day vacation from school, and on top of 3 Dr appointments, gymnastics, and trips to 4 different stores for returns/last minute things (on top of normal things like the grocery store, house cleaning, etc) our to-do list consists of:

* make a headboard

* oil the counters

* grout tile

* put together the bassinette

* pillows for the nursery

Speaking of nursery, it's been pointed out that a few people are waiting for some new pictures. It's going to have to wait a bit. We still have some stuff to finish up (pillows, mirror, pictures, etc) and currently it's being used as the headboard construction area.

I can say that one thing I've been happy to cross off the list is a hat for No. 2. I never seem to have much time to knit anymore and I miss it! I got one hat done (which I have NO idea if it will fit a newborn), another on the needles, yarn for a third, and a throw for the bed in the nursery also on the needles. It's been so relaxing to get back into that! Here's the first (no pink!):

This is up next - I think you have to be on ravelry to view it, and the third will be a creamy textured yarn hat with earflaps and ties!

Yesterday Stell was invited to a princess party by her cousin. It was awesome and deserves a post of its own!

I guess after seeing that list I should get off the computer and get to work!

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CarleeLovesMINI said...

BEAUTIFUL hat! You better post pictures of the other hats and the throw when it's all completed! Glad you could find some time to get back to knitting! :)