Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We're getting there little pineapple!

No. 2 is the size of a pineapple today! So, we've had a bit of progress and I thought I'd do a quick little update.

1) The room is painted. It's a whole lot tougher to paint with a 3 year old wanting to help. SO sweet! I picked the room color and when we were almost done I told Jim it kind of reminded me of the 50's or 60's. He said, "Yeah, a hospital in the 50's or 60's. You could call this an 'asylum' instead of nursery." At the end of the night when it was dark the paint was dry and all we had in the room was a little white twin sized bed right in the middle. Um... it was CREEPY! It looked just like a room in a mental hospital in a horror movie! :( We're not repainting, but hoping that the addition of more color and furniture will tone it down. It's not the turquoise color that either of us had in mind, but I think we'll like it when it's all done.

2) I only gained 0.4 pounds since the last time I went to the Dr (3 weeks) YAY! He did say to me, "Don't expect this baby to be as tiny as Stella." So now of course I'm worried that labor won't be as crazy easy as hers either. Then my mind starts going crazy... we always talk about how different they'll probably be. Will it start with labor and then move into crying and not being a good sleeper? Ugh! Ah well, it doesn't matter we can't wait to hold her!

3) Stella is baby crazy! She wants to shop for baby, sing to her, etc. She's constantly asking, "Can I teach my baby to _______?" I simply cannot wait to see the two of them together!

4) We've resorted to bribery to get Stella to stay in her own bed through the night. I was so exhausted last week that I promised her a toy if she didn't get up during the night. She's been wanting Squinkies (I had no idea what they were before she showed me) for a while and they are tiny, come in a pack of 16 and are less than $1 each so I caved. Now we have them in a bowl and whenever she sleeps through the night she gets to pick one. It may be wrong, but I really don't care. At this point I'd try anything to get her sleeping through the night before this baby is born!

5) Stella is also a bit fragile. The past few mornings she hasn't wanted to go to Sheri's, which is so unusual. She just wants to stay home with Mama. She was so sad that I wasn't going to be taking her to gym and then sobbed when she found out that gym was cancelled yesterday! She even asked if I could just stay with her at Sheri's! Talk about breaking my heart! I know she loves it there and has a whole lot more fun than she would at home with me, but it still hurts. What a nice long spring and summer it will be with my two darling girls!

I go back to the Dr in 2 weeks and then once a week after that. THAT'S how you know when you're close - once a week trips to the Dr.!!!

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