Friday, January 21, 2011


I chose a paint color today! I just DID it (I haven't even told Jim yet). I'd had two more samples I was going to try on the walls to try to compromise*, but Jim said, "They're all starting to look the same," and I have to agree. I can't tell which - you'll have to wait and see. I got a pillow for the bed and sheets to make a crib skirt but then all the way home was second guessing myself. I saw a blog post about a quilt and the colors were exactly what we're looking for so I ordered fabric today! SO scary ordering something like fabric online - I sure hope the colors are true!

I'm also trying to get Jim to go with me tomorrow to get the dresser and bookshelf and to maybe paint? That may be too much but I'm getting antsy!
I am still working on posts about the "vacation" upgrades we did too - too much going on!

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Dana KBS said...

You go, crafty mama! I'm sure the color will be lovely. (I always feel like because there are SO many choices, it makes it much harder. Of course, it took me 4 tries to find the exact shade of brownish-gold for my bedroom last summer.)