Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nursery "Art" and more Publisher Love

So, I've already talked about how I'm too cheap to pay to have cards made. That kind of goes for a lot of things, and I've decided it's not that I'm too cheap really, it's that I see it as a challenge. A, "Why should I pay someone $18 to make something that I could make myself for nearly nothing" kind of a challenge.

I'm planning the nursery, and I want to do an arrangement of white frames. A lot of the frames will have pictures in them, but I also wanted some other things in the frames. Neither of these ideas are my originals (as usual), but I'm a master copier. The first is a quote I saw from someone else's nursery. It's pretty straight forward, I just made it in Publisher and saved it as a JPEG. I'll print it as a 6x4 and pop it in a frame for a sweet little saying and a bit o' color. (Unless I find another quote I like better... for about $0.10 I can change my mind without feeling guilty.)

This is the one I'm really excited about! I did pay for the darling little owl on Etsy, and I had the digital stationary from last year's Valentine's Day pack I got from Etsy. This is NOT the print that will go in the frame. I'm pretty sure we've come up with a name we both love, but with 10 weeks left I still reserve the right to change my mind and we'll wait to share her name until her arrival. BUT - I thought that Joy would be a good temporary word as that's pretty much what we're filled with right now. This print will be an 8x10 and I can't wait to see it together with some of the other things in the nursery!

As far as progress in the nursery goes - there hasn't been much. We still haven't cleared the room out (though I just bought 5 storage bins to go under beds to help us organize some of the stuff), we have to patch SIX holes in the walls before we can paint because the previous owner used it as a media room, and we're trying to pick the perfect shade of turquoise. Do you have any idea of how tough that color is???

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