Monday, January 10, 2011

Pinkalicious Party!

I guess this is OLD news... Here are pictures of Stella's Pinkalicious Party. I loved loved loved the theme because it let me be so much more creative than going to the store and buying a certain character theme. We had tons of pink treats on the pink table, some green goodness on the green table, and a few other snacks in the kitchen. We found a Pinkalicious doll that Stella LOVES, and she had so much fun putting the goody bags together for the girls. It's going to be tough to live up to this one next year!

Goody bags: we got cupcake socks, pink chapstick, headbands, push pops, cupcake wands, and Pinkalicious books.

Stella and Kenzie checking out the Pinkalicious book and doll along with some of the pink goodies.

Lanterns that didn't stay lit along with the beginnings of the Italian meat tray/sandwich tradition!

More of the pink table: (You can just barely see the green table in the back)

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MrsStadnik said...

Sooo cute! I love love it!