Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Stella at her first day of gymnastics! She was CRAZY for it! Here she is getting help from her coach on the beam. (We didn't have a leo, but Sheri saved the day and brought an extra. We changed right there though, so we didn't take off her underwear - like how it's hanging out?) The class is supposed to be full, but they thought they could fit her in so we're crossing our fingers. She doesn't wear anything other than her "lee-lo" when we're at home. I love it!

Anyway, on to the "indecision" portion of the post...

Jim's in the process of patching the holes left by the wiring, and I'm trying to reorganize and clear out the nursery. We have six paint swatches up on the wall. Again, turquoise is SO hard to pick! Three of them were easily eliminated, a fourth is pretty much out of the running, so it's come down to two. As soon as I put them on the wall I knew which one Jim would like and he knew which I would like! (unfortunately, they are not the same one)

This first picture is one of them on one of her walls (I did it on two walls) One of us likes the one in the middle, but I'm afraid it will be too bright and jarring, the other likes the one on the far right, but I'm afraid it will be too light and not have the impact we want...

This picture is actually the room that got me going on our whole color scheme! I love it SO much and would love to just put it straight into our house. It's Robin's Nest (the far right one)

Another nursery done in the same color.

The bottom color of this nursery is Tropicana Cabana (the middle color in our samples)

Here's an empty room in Tropicana Cabana - you can get a better idea of the color, but I think that it being empty might make it actually seem brighter than it will/would when we filled the room.

Any votes? Feel free to leave your input!


Katie said...

They are both beautiful, but I tend to like brighter colors, so my vote is for the tropicana cabana!!

MrsStadnik said...

I like the one in the middle...the brighter one! However the picture of the baby room that you like looks more like the lighter one. However...I say go for the bolder color. You can tone it down with the rest of the decor. So cute!

Kendra said...

Both are super cute! My first thought was the lighter one, but then I realized that my classroom at Hedden is actually the darker shade! And I have painted a bedroom with the darker too. You can't go wrong with either. Eeeny meeny miiny moe!!!!

Cutzi said...

If that pic is of Robin's Nest, I'd go for that. I like it.

Have you tried Vintage Map by Martha Stewart? I have it in my kitchen and love it. A little more green though

Carrie said...

I really like both. I tend to play it safe with colors, so I'd probably go with the lighter one. On the other hand, this is a girl who loves her some "Tiffany Blue", so the middle one would be right up my alley!