Friday, February 25, 2011


I'd say we had a successful little break (with an extra snow day thrown in)!

We had one last ultrasound to check my placenta. While we were there we asked the (SUPER nice) tech to double check to be sure No. 2 IS a girl. She still is, so I can actually finish up the nursery now and I finally cut the tags off all of the clothes we've bought and washed/put them away. We've never had a 3D ultrasound before, and she offered to get a couple of pictures for us. Here No. 2 is covering her nose with her hand:

Here is her face without her hand: (I haven't seen a lot of these, but those cheeks look HUGE) I actually asked the tech if she looked freakishly big. I was assured she looks normal. Wednesday I went in for my weekly check and he said that all of my signs "bode well for someone who isn't going to make it to my due date." We'll see, with Stella, I KNEW she wasn't going to come early. Even 2 days before my due date I wasn't thinking about going into labor. I haven't felt that way this time and now that he's said that I'm thinking it might be time to start the final preps like packing a bag and getting the carseat base in the car. Not that I think it's going to happen today or anything like that, but it would be good to have it all done.

We also got some of the projects done around the house. We made ourselves a headboard! We haven't had an actually headboard for years, and I've been wanting one. Someday we'll buy all new bedroom furniture for grown-ups, but there are so many other things higher on our priority list right now. Though I love our bedroom, it just hasn't felt like we've done anything with it other than paint and move in. Just a few weeks ago we hung a picture frame system.

Here's a picture (terrible quality because I had to get it off of Zillow) of our last bedroom. That quilt was ONLY for staging - we HATED it! We didn't have a headboard then either, but I really liked having the lights above the bed. It was so nice not to have to get up to turn the lights out if someone was reading or something. We didn't like the look for our new room though so the picture and lights were donated.
I saw a picture of a headboard online made out of doors that had sconces built in - I LOVED it and talked my reluctant husband into helping. We're both thrilled with how it turned out. It actually makes the room seem a bit smaller, but adds a ton to the room! So... here it is:

We went to bed early last night just so I could lay there and knit and enjoy the new lights!


NickandKatieAdams said...

Hey Julie. I came across your blog from Jenn's. I love, love, love the headboard. The whole room looks so pulled together and cozy. I think this photo will create some inspiration for others. Did you buy the doors new?

Julie said...

Thank you! We did buy them new. I searched for used ones, but it ended up being less expensive and much easier just to get new ones at Lowes. They're just hollow doors without any kind of pre-made holes or anything.

CarleeLovesMINI said...

Oh, your room is just beautiful! I love the headboard! No. 2 is beautiful, as well! ;)

MrsStadnik said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the headboard too! We need a headboard as well and I would LOVE to copy this idea. Would you mind sharing where you found the info to do it? Was it hard???
So loving the pics of baby no. 2!!

ECUTwinMama said...

Just stumbled over from YHL and I LOVE the headboard! Please, please, please post a tutorial??

The bambina is beautiful as well. ;)