Monday, March 21, 2011

And.... done!

The nursery is done! (Ok, it was done last week I just hadn't taken pictures and written a post yet) I know we'll all be spending a ton of time in this room, we already do.  I also know that it will evolve with our needs when she actually starts to spend time in it (she'll spend the first few months sleeping in our room)

One of the things that I LOVE about this house is that each of the kids' rooms has two windows (ours has 5 if you count the two in the adjoining bathroom!)  The morning light is absolutely beautiful!

Some people have wondered why we have a bed and a crib in the nursery.  We had both in Stella's room and actually got a TON of use out of the bed over the years.  We'd do a lot of reading, playing, changing, etc on it.  I foresee many hours spent in the chair too.  Stella has the rocking chair that my parents bought when I was born and I love the sentimentality of it.  I have to admit though, this is just so easy to glide in and it's super comfortable.  I never did find pillows that I liked, so I made all of the pillows, valences, and the crib skirt.

Here's the view when you enter the room:

View 2 is of the empty crib.  I'd love to have some pillows or a cute bumper, but there's no use spending time and money on it when none of it will be in there once she starts sleeping in it.  Even the lamb and rabit will be moved when the time comes.

Her mostly empty bookshelf...  We'd set out to get the Ikea bookshelf that was 4x4, but they no longer carry it at our store. Thank goodness - this is plenty big!  Stella is constantly "redecorating" it which I love.  There's a picture of her last ultrasound, a "dream big" print from Etsy, a book of quotes, and some toys for now.  All of the baskets are empty and waiting to be filled with her treasures.

This is the view from the closet area.  I think that once we start using this room we'll put her changing pad on the dresser.  I cannot bring myself to put a changing table in our house, I find it such a waste of furniture!
 So, with a day to spare (ok, I'm thinking it will be more like 5-7 but who's counting) you have her nursery.  I look forward to hours of happiness here and someday looking back at how it evolves as she changes.


cjm said...

Came over from Mabel's. Love your nursery! Good luck with the delivery!

The Feminist Housewife said...

The nursery is so cute/bright/happy! I love it! You did a great job! Best wishes with the arrival of the little one! = )

Shallow Family said...

As you already know, I just LOVE it! I am thinking you should come help me because I am struggling with our nursery...however you have a baby due any moment, so that probably won't work too well! Can't wait to hear the newest one's name!

Jenny Garland said...

Gorgeous!! Can't wait to see pics of your little one soon :) congrats!!!

Lucy said...


Good luck with the new baby.

The nursery is awfully cute, relaxing and pretty.