Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I'm going to miss it a little... shhh :)

I'm so looking forward to spending the spring home with my girls.  I was supposed to be done working on Friday, though now it looks as though I may be working an extra week.  (We'll see what the Dr thinks at my appointment on Thursday)  Though I'm so excited to be done, and March is a rough month in schools, I also know that I'm going to miss the hustle and excitement of the end of the year.  I'll miss being there as my Seniors get ready to move on with their lives.  One of my seniors said to me, "I've been waiting to take this class since Geometry (I had her as a Sophomore)!  Why'd you have to get pregnant and leave this year?"  Ah, it warmed my heart and made me a little sad.  When I told them they may be stuck with me for an extra week I prepared myself for the groans but they were so happy.  Too often we hear complaining, it's nice hear the good stuff too.  It's always nice to feel the love.

Three of my classes have taken up pools on date/weight/length.  You want a good laugh?  Ask a high school boy about babies, they have provided endless laughs!

So as thrilled as I am not to have to return to work this time around, I do know that when June rolls around I'm going to miss the end of the year rituals and especially my seniors.

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