Tuesday, March 15, 2011

One week - I'm ready!

Baby girl No. 2 is due in 1 week and we're all so very ready to love her up.  Yesterday, Stella told me that she can't wait for her baby to pop out.  Lovely huh?  She also tells me often that she wants baby out so she has more room on my lap.  She says she can't get comfy on my lap when we snuggle at night.  I love that she calls is "her" baby.  Friday, when I went in to wake her up she said, "I remember the baby is out of your belly."  I asked her if she had a dream about the baby being born.  She said, "Yes, and I'll teach her to walk.  I'll hold her hand while she walks, walks, walks, (she did a little walking motion with her fingers without ever opening her eyes) and I won't push her."  I really can't wait to see them together! 

Here's one last picture of the belly.  I was doing so well documenting it for a while, but life got in the way.  It's HUGE!  I've traumatized my poor students with shots of skin, I just don't have shirts that are long enough to cover it all. 
Stella "demanded" a photo shoot the other day.  She typically does not like me taking her picture, she can't be bothered.  The other day she was sitting on the steps and said, "Mama, isn't this pretty?  You should take a picture." I then had to take dozens of pictures while she went through different poses.  We're shocked daily at how fast she changes.  People say that babies change quickly, but nobody prepares you to get your 3 year old up and find a different person than you put to bed that night!
The nursery is waiting on ONE LAST THING and then I'll post pictures.  I should finish in time (although I'm ready to start speed walking and inhaling spicey foods!)  Ok, enough rambling - my mind is mush!


kate said...

Wow!!! Really on one more week?!?

Enjoy the week and savor life before baby. Congrats!

MrsStadnik said...

You are both adorable! I can't wait to meet the new bundle! Patiently waiting for pics of the nursery!! I am sure it is darling!

Elisabeth and Sherman said...

You are ALL baby! You truly look amazing... Enjoy every moment - before, during, and after your little one's arrival. xxoo