Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chubs needs a new nickname!

Ok, it's not like I ever thought she was huge or anything. It's just that she's so much bigger than Stink was and her cheeks are so big!

We took her for her one year check up today and as it turns out she's actually long and lean. She measured 98% height, 46% weight, & 83% for her head circumference. Who'd have guessed?!?

Just for fun I compared to big sis... Stink was 73% height, 17% weight, and 16% head circumference.

She's on track with everything. Communication being lowest (I guess grunting and making a "gimme" motion with her hand doesn't score a lot of points.) Her motor skills however are at the top of the charts. Girlfriend throws a ball like a champ!

She's taken a few steps here and there but much prefers crawling, says "Mama", "Dada", "Eht" (for the dog), and I think "Yeya" for Stella. She uses signs for more, eat, and all-done regularly. She's a hitter and a lover, she's drawn like a magnet to the stairs, LOVES to be outside, and has yet to get attached to a baby or blanket.

I'm honored to have been chosen to be her mama and blessed to know her. I so look forward to watching her grow and learning more about her.

The carnival party was a success. Hopefully I'll get pictures loaded and a post done soon!

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Angie said...

Aw! I love those little cheeks!